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Apr 21, 2018

The Causes Of the trend of immigration Attorney solutions, legal Services industry within the usa?

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Pazar let him stay in the U.S. He said the cafe owner likely came from Venezuela or Colombia, but he's not sure. “Remember, I’ve heard thousands, tens of thousands of cases over the years. The details do blur a little bit.” Now 65, Pazar grew up in Bergen County, NJ. He briefly worked as a defense attorney and spent years representing the government side in immigration cases. He applied for a judgeship in the late 1990s. He launched the first full-time immigration court in Memphis as a solo judge in 1998. Today, four Memphis immigration judges hear cases on the fifth floor of an office building on Monroe


Dec 09, 2016

Seven lessons that could empower your company when Picking A Immigration Attorney

Suing Your Neighbor? Check Out These Tips!
It can get frustrating to look for a lawyer. After all, there are a lot of attorneys out there so you have to be careful and trust the right one. Thankfully, the tips that follow can help make your search for a lawyer simpler.

Learn about your lawyer's past before you hire him. A licensed lawyer does not guarantee that he or she is a good one. Once you know his track record, you'll be able to make a smart hiring decision.

Remember that you should be the one seeking out a lawyer, not the other way around. These guys are usually scammers and will...